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Huawei Phones in Kenya/Huawei Phones Prices in Kenya

Huawei Phones in Kenya/Huawei Phones Prices in Kenya


Huawei Phones in Kenya/ Latest Huawei Phones in Kenya Prices


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Factors to Consider when Buying Huawei Phones in Kenya

  • Storage Capacity
  • Screen size and Resolution
  • Processor
  • Camera
  • Battery Size and Life
  • Security Features
  • Price
  • Network
  • Connectivity


Why Huawei Phones in Kenya

Over the years, Huawei has shown that it knows how to build amazing phones. Release after release Huawei cranks things a notch up. The most evocative phones in the market today are made by Huawei. In a time when smartphones have become increasingly similar, Huawei is making phones that stand out from other smartphones. Huawei phones are outstanding and have innovative features that make them your ultimate choice when shopping for a smartphone.

Power processor

Huawei uses its own Kirin processors in its smartphones making the gadget faster and more customer-oriented devices. Huawei phones have high performance and operate smoothly without stress. The high performance makes Huawei smartphones ideal for gaming. Huawei phones are high-end smartphones in terms of performance and can be used in different scenarios without any inconveniences.

Premier phones

Huawei’s spectrum of smartphones has become popular for tech enthusiasts because of their great specs and performance. Huawei phones come with beautiful designs and amazing features to ensure that you get the most out of your smartphone. Huawei phones stand out because of their excellent screen and are renowned for their photography oriented features. Huawei phones have impressive cameras to take photography a notch higher.


One of the reasons why Huawei phones have become popular is because most people can afford them. Huawei offers several mid-range and budget phones that are more accessible to wide range of people. The inexpensive Huawei models have great features and perform remarkably well. The premium smartphones that fall in Mate and P lines are outstanding in performance and appearance.

Photography-orientated phones

Huawei phones have outstanding displays and the cameras on these phones are the best ever seen. The camera produces stunning pictures making Huawei phones the obvious choice for selfie lovers. The camera in Huawei phones is dedicated to taking your photography to the next level. The images produced by these phones are lifelike images with vivid colours. The zooming capability in these phones is incredible to give the best images. Both the rear and front cameras have sufficient pixels to give sharp images.

Impressive sound quality

Huawei have remarkable audio quality which is a critical aspect of smartphones. Huawei phones have quality phone speakers.           In addition, the hardware that pushes out sound through headphones also has been made to give the best audio. Great sound quality is important when communicating over the phone and when listening to music. Huawei phones are dedicated in giving you the best quality. Huawei phones have clear audio quality thanks to innovation at the company.

Excellent Battery Life

Huawei phones have high battery capacity which last for long. Coupled to the long-lasting battery is efficient power-saving technology which helps to extend the charge. Huawei phones have in-built batteries that are not removable. In case you notice a significant deterioration in your phone’s battery, do not try to remove the battery yourself, contact an authorized Huawei service for a replacement battery. When charging your Huawei phone use genuine Huawei chargers and USB cables. Third-party accessories are a potential safety hazard and using them may affect your phone’s performance.

Amazing appearance

An incredible feature with Huawei phones is a capacitive touchscreen that users love and enjoy interacting with. The resolution on the Huawei phones is remarkable and outdoor visibility is top-notch. You will have a clear screen to enjoy watching your videos and have a great time browsing. The Huawei phones have a great display and their size is comfortable on your hands. The Huawei phones comes in many colors; Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue, Aurora purple, red, twilight, gold, Emerald green among others so you have a variety to choose from. Brightness levels are excellent to offer you a breath-taking view when watching content.


Huawei phones have multiple communication software to enable you to connect with others for more utility. The Huawei enabled are Bluetooth enabled to allow you to connect with other devices. The feature enables you to share data, videos, connect to your home theatre when listening to music, and also transfer files to your computer. Huawei phones have an FM radio. You will be able to listen to your favorite radio stations. Huawei phones are Wi-Fi enabled to enable you to connect to your internet provider. Huawei phones are incredible handsets that provide you with multiple communication options.

Sufficient storage

An amazing feature of Huawei phones is lots of storage. The internal storage for most Huawei phones is between 16GB and 128 GB. With such room to store your content, there is no need for micro SD cards.

Seamless mobile phones

The beauty of having a Huawei phone is an amazing experience you will have. Huawei phones have a multi-use fingerprint scanner. The scanner can be used to unlock the device, pick a call, take photos, and unlock apps. The other amazing feature in premium Huawei phones is the fast face unlock which unlocks your phone effortlessly. The face unlocks works anywhere and all the time. Huawei phones will not disappoint in anything; great performance, long battery life, sleek display, amazing photos, and even gestures. Imagine all this in a gadget that you carry in your pockets, Incredible!