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Von Hotpoint Mini Fridge 92L White HRD-081W/VARM-08DMW



Von Hotpoint HRD-081W


  • 92 Litre Mini Fridge
  • Freezer Compartment
  • Wired Shelves
  • 3 Door Racks
  • Vegetable Box
  • Lock and Key
  • 8 pcs Egg Holder
  • Ice Tray
  • (Ice scraper accessory provided)
  • White finish

Dependable appliance

Von Hotpoint HRD-081W has gained popularity among people who live in small apartments and those who travel constantly. The mini-fridge comes with benefits as it can be used in areas where a normal size fridge is not applicable. Von Hotpoint HRD-081W is compact and very useful in student dorms, compact flats, offices, hotels, cars, and other tight spaces.


One of the benefits of this mini-fridge is convenience. It can be easily moved from one place to another within the house. It can also be mowed outdoors without difficulty. Von Hotpoint HRD-081W is light and one person can easily move it. Its compact size makes it possible to travel with it.

Space-saving equipment

Standard refrigerators are usually bulky and require a lot of space in your home. The Von Hotpoint HRD-081W features a space-saving design that is simpler to place anywhere in your house. Its small size also leaves space where you can fit other kitchen appliances.

Solution for workplaces

The Von Hotpoint HRD-081W comes in handy at workplaces. The mini-fridge can be placed near the desk and can be used to store snacks and beverages. It is also a perfect place to store lunch. At home, the fridge can be kept in your mini-bar area or in the entertainment room. It will save you the time you spend getting snacks and beverages from the kitchen.

Energy efficiency

Von Hotpoint HRD-081W is an energy saver. You will be able to preserve your food and drinks without using a lot of energy. It will help reduce your monthly electricity bills. This energy-saving mini-fridge is very functional and comes with beneficial features.

Von Hotpoint HRD-081W is manufactured by a reputable company and is reasonably priced. If you keep your mini-fridge clean and well maintained it will definitely serve you for many years.

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