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Ramtons RF/173, 128 Liters 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge, Silver

Features and Specifications

  • 128 Liters
  • Double Door
  • CFC Free
  • Direct Cool
  • Hard Top
  • Glass Shelves
  • Height 129.5cm, Width 46.5cm, Depth 55cm

We are currently selling the Ramtons RF/173, 128 Liters 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge, Silver at Kshs. 25,500.


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Benefits of Ramtons RF/173, 128 Liters 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge

Refrigeration is the most common food preservation method and is used in almost every house and it is part of a normal life. Fridges work at low temperatures and provide cooling which helps to keep the food fresh. Warmth promotes the growth of microorganisms which causes food spoilage and a refrigerator will go a long way in minimizing the wastage due to spoilage. Here are some of the benefits of Ramtons RF/173:

  • Ramtons RF/173, 128 Liters 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge has a freezer compartment. The freezer stores food at low temperatures prevents decay. This allows for long-time storage. More so, you can get ice cubes to cool your favorite drinks from the freezer.
  • The low temperature of the refrigerator decreases the activity of bacteria and as a result, you will be able able to keep perishable food fresh for up to three days. This helps reduce visits to the grocery to get fresh produce.
  • Refrigeration enables for bulk preparation of food which can be consumed later. You can cook family meals to be eaten later in the week. You don’t have to cook every day, you are spared time to indulge in other activities with your family.
  • Maintains the quality of food. Meat that is refrigerated keeps its quality and will be as nutritious as the fresh meat. From vegetables, canned food, meat, and leftovers, Ramtons RF/173, 128 Liters 2 Door Direct Cool Fridge has sufficient storage.

How to keep your refrigerator working properly

If a refrigerator fails, your food will be ruined, prevent failure by doing the following:

  • Leveling: during placement ensure the refrigerator sits on a level surface. This ensures proper door closure.
  • Defrosting: if your freezer isn’t self-defrosting, schedule defrosting sessions regularly. Ice accumulation can reduce food storage space, can cause improper door shutting and can lead to inadequate refrigeration.
  • Frozen food can acquire a peculiar taste if kept too long. Periodically pull all the food out, remove the freezer racks and wash them with warm soapy water.
  • Carefully inspect the seal of your refrigerator and freezer doors. If the seals are not working properly the refrigeration process is affected. Replace the worn-out seals.

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