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Ramtons RF/218 [170 liters Single Door Fridge]



  • 170 Liters
  • Single Door
  • Direct cool
  • Wire Tray Shelves
  • Can Holder
  • Vegetable Box
  • Hard Top
  • White

We are currently selling this Ramtons RF/218 one door 170liters fridge at KSh27,499.00

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Ramtons Fridges are top quality and durable, for the best refrigerator experience, do the following

  • Make sure the condenser and coils are always clean and cool
  • Use the recommended temperature setting depending on what you have stored in the fridge
  •  Door Gaskets should always be operational and clean
  • Make sure there is food inside the fridge if it’s on
  • Avoid leaving the door open
  • Never store hot or warm food

Ramtons RF/218  Care and Maintenance

  • Transportation of the fridge should be careful, either standing or tilted 45 degrees. Once delivered use a fridge guard to connect the fridge
  • Never put the fridge upside down
  • Place the fridge on stable ground and about 10cm from the wall
  • Don’t stand with the fridge door open, warm air will get in and cold air come out, this makes the fridge overwork as it has to cool the warm air getting in. This is also enhanced that by making sure you replace the light bulbs when they don’t work to reduce the time spent while the fridge is open.

Why Ramtons

  • Ramtons is one of the best dealers and Suppliers of Home appliances, they are known for quality appliances with warranty and a service center ready for any issues
  • Ramtons has Competitive Pricing for their products
  • Ramtons has a wide range of products for all income levels, this makes sure that you don’t have to overstrain your finances to get an appliance
  • Availability of Spare Parts, if you need any spare parts for your appliance you will surely get it
  • Installation and Use of these appliances is very easy. All appliances come with Manuals




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